The top 10 air purifying plants for your new home office!

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Now that we are all spending more time in our humble abodes, it’s important to take care of our homes health. Due to many products such as paint, synthetics, furniture and more, we all have harsh chemicals and toxins surrounding us, that we are breathing in everyday. Finding natural and organic ways to detoxify and purify the air, is an essential part of keeping you and your family healthy. 

NASA’s Clean Air Study investigated multiple plants and found that there are many air purifying plants available that detoxify and purify your home. From airborne toxins, germs and dusts found in carpets, furniture and upholstery, purifying plants work to eliminate any of these nasty elements that we are surrounded by, everyday. 

Below is a list of plants that not only NASA have recommended to use within your home, but have been proven and tested to successfully purify your living space. 

1. Areca Palm – Ranked by NASA as the #1 plant air purifier, the Areca Palm is an absolute must-have plant. Named as “the most efficient humidifier” by Meta Efficient, this incredible palm tree works at continuously removing chemical toxins from the air. Not only does it purify the air, but it acts as a natural humidifier, meaning that in winter it adds moisture to your living space, which could ultimately replace electrical humidifiers completely! 

2. Rubber Plant – Rubber Plants are a bittersweet air purify. They are one of the most effective plants in removing any chemical toxins (especially formaldehyde) from the air, however they are also toxic to household pets. If you wish to use a Rubber Plant in your home to detoxify, be sure to place it on a high shelf or table where your furry friends cannot get access to the leaves. 

3. English Ivy – This evergreen, climbing vine is usually found outside, however after rigorous studies and scientific research, this plant immediately made its way indoors. WebMD describes this plant to be a fix for mold allergies as they found that 60% of airborne mold vanished after 6 hours when English Ivy was brought into the room. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, introducing English Ivy into your home will really benefit your health. 

4. Dwarf Date Palm – This 8-10 foot plant is best known to remove air pollutants, specifically xylene, which is a synthetic chemical. This chemical is found in petroleum and coal, however it can often be found in the home through such things as car exhausts or leak into surface water and soil. Placing this hardy, long-lived plant into your home will assist with clearing xylene toxins in the air. 

5. Spider Plant – With the potential of removing up to 90% of cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde from the air, the Spider Plant has been named as one of the best air purifiers by NASA. If you don’t have a very good green thumb, this plant will be your new best friend. Almost impossible to kill, this lengthy plant aids in bringing fresh oxygen into your home.  

6. Ficus / Weeping Fig – This low-maintenance, evergreen tree is one of the best plants at combatting multiple chemicals and toxins in the air. According to NASA, this plant is effective as cleansing airborne toluene, xylene and formaldehyde. The chemicals of xylene and formaldehyde were mentioned above, however the Toluene chemical is found in paints, glues, nail polish, ink and stain removers. It is extremely easy to have these kind of chemicals floating around in the air, so finding natural, organic ways to purify the air in which we breath in, is essential. 

7. Boston Fern – Ranked as the “most efficient filtering plant” by Meta Efficient, this wild fern has been tested for its ability to expel mold and toxins from your home. 

8. Snake Plant – Trying to find the perfect plant for the bedroom? Look no further than the Snake Plant! Majority of other plants tend to release carbon dioxide at night time, the snake plant continues to produce oxygen 24 hours a day. Place a snake plant inside your bedroom, to purify the air while you sleep & ensure plenty of oxygen is being produced all night long. 

9. Aloe Vera – The Aloe Vera plant is a common plant to be found in homes due to its incredible healing ability. The gel inside the plant is a miracle worker for sunburn, cuts, water burns and wounds, however the plant itself also has amazing benefits. The plant works hard at removing benzene in the air, which is an industrial chemical found in paints, plastics, resins, detergents and synthetic fibres. Extremely hard to kill, the Aloe plant is a must-own plant in every home! 

10. Dracaena – The Dracaena Plant is one of the most common household plants. Found at IKEA, Home Depot or any of your household stores, this bright and radiant plant works extremely well at purifying the air.

The Clean Air Study conducted by NASA also came to the conclusion that the best plant practices to follow are to have 1 plant for every 100 square metres. This rule of (green) thumb means that your entire home will be free of nasty, dangerous chemicals in the air and you’re left with a purified, detoxified environment. 

Happy Planting!

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