Want a lush green lawn all summer long? Follow this Spring Cleanup checklist for Calgary!

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We have just come out of hibernation (with what feels like a 9-month winter), and we are so excited to experience long summer days in the backyard. Calgary winters can be extremely harsh on your lawn, ice can really damage your grass. A Calgary spring cleanup is an extremely crucial step in revitalizing and preparing your yard for summer. As the weather warms up and the days become longer, all we want is a healthy, lush green lawn (that neighbours will be jealous of). Skipping your Calgary Spring Cleanup, means your Summer lawn is essentially forgotten about too. If you are after the perfect lawn this summer, follow this fool-proof checklist below.


The Calgary Spring Cleanup Checklist and the benefits it will bring: 

  1. Leaf cleanup and removal
    Removing old, damp leaves and other debris that smother your lawn, is extremely important. Besides from aesthetic reasons, removing old leaves and debris can allow your lawn to breathe and see the light of day again. If you leave your lawn with a thick layer of old leaves, you are essentially smothering it, that means any new grass that want’s to come up physically can’t, it also means the grass can’t harness the suns energy for photosynthesis. 
  2. Power Raking
    Power Raking (or de-thatching) is an extremely crucial step in the Spring Cleanup process because it removes thatch. Thatch is a build up of organic material, mostly dead grass, that often sits above the surface of the soil. If this isn’t removed properly it will hinder new growth and even block water and nutrients from reaching the rootzone. Removing thatch increases the effectiveness of fertilization and water absorption which in turn promotes a healthy growing lawn throughout the year.
  3. First Lawn cut & trim The first mow and trim is crucial in ensuring your lawn is set up to grow effectively throughout the summer months. Not only will it make your lawn look manicured and immaculate, but the trim also removes any left over growth from the fall and winter months makes it easier for new growth by giving a clean-slate for your grass to begin growing.
  4. Core Aeration 
    Aerating your lawn is highly recommended and should be done a minimum of once a year in the spring or fall. Calgary’s climate results in long winters which compact your lawn over the winter this element is often forgotten with many homeowners who do their own lawn maintenance. It can result in, a worndown looking lawn, even with proper watering and mowing. An aeration machine punches holes into the turf to remove small plugs of soil called “Cores” that are left on top of the lawn, to decompose back into the soil acting as a natural fertilizer. Aerating allows oxygen, water, and other nutrients to reach directly to the rootzone of the grass, which results in thicker and stronger roots . The effects are your lawn is nourished and hydrated, which helps in keeping a lush green lawn all summer long!
  5. Fertilizer & Seeding
    Premium slow release fertilizer is recommended to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs after a long winter. If you are after a thick, lush, healthy lawn this summer, then a good quality fertilizer is exactly what you need! Add seeding and aerating to give your yard. new youthful grass and stronger roots.

Spring Cleanups are more essential than what many think. It may take up to a full weekend to clean, mow, rake and aerate your lawn, but it is well worth it in the end. Without a top-quality spring cleanup, your lawn will not exceed throughout the summer months. 

If you are in the Calgary region and would like to book a Spring Cleanup, fill out the easy quoting system to receive an instant quote. 

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