8 Positive Updates on the COVID-19 outbreak!

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1. Local Distilleries are making hand sanitizer instead of booze! 

The World Health Organization has stated that cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer is the best thing to help kill viruses and germs during this time. With the main ingredient in hand sanitizer being alcohol, many local distilleries are jumping on board to assist with the national shortage. 

Burwood Distillery is just one of the Calgary producers that quickly altered their business model to help assist with the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did they use their own product and time, but they donated their first thousand bottles to those who needed it. 

2. Air Pollution decreases 

Only 4 months ago, the world was focused on climate change and implementing strategies to help combat the rising global warming crisis. In the last few months, air pollution levels have declined drastically, particular across China. 

Photo credit: NASA 

The Satellite image above suggests that China’s forced quarantine has saved a huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. Currently, we have seen a 40% decrease in global emissions in China alone. 

3. Some of our dirtiest waterways are clean!

The pandemic has crippled Italy over the last few months. However, the country-wide quarantine has allowed for one positive consequence. The canal’s of Venice are finally clear, unpolluted and pristine. With an immediate stop of all canal boats, the once dirty, polluted, mirky waters and now crystal clear. They even had a recent visit of a dolphin, enjoying it’s new clean playground. 

4. Large Canadian companies shifting their business models to assist with donations

Although the COVID-19 outbreak is an awful pandemic, it’s always heartening to see the Canadian companies rallying together to help support our health care workers. With a global shortage of medical equipment, N95 masks, scrubs and sanitizing essentials, many of our favourites have altered their business models to assist. 

Canada Goose have started manufacturing medical gear such as scrubs for frontline workers and gowns for patients. Bauer has also shifted from manufacturing hockey masks, to medical shields this week. And a Vancouver-based shoe company, Vessi, has donated thousands of shoes to frontline healthcare workers. 

5. University of Saskatchewan students and scientists work together to combat COVID-19 

Noah Little was unable to effectively find an accurate and timely tracker that allowed him to monitor the daily updates on the Coronavirus. By using basic HTML coding, he took matters into his own hands and developed the COVID-19 Tracker Canada. 

Earlier this week, the scientists and researchers at the University of Saskatchewan also created Canada’s first COVID-19 vaccine. They are now in testing stages of the vaccination. 

6. Calgary residents provide community support 

Across the country, there has been wide community support during the pandemic. Various Facebook groups and Kijiji postings are offering individuals support, from grocery deliveries, financial advice, and quarantine tips. 

In another heartwarming story, a local Nurse’s five-year old daughter has started creating get well cards for patients. Tiffany Fossum is an emergency department nurse in Calgary & she mentioned to her daughter that she was looking after many sick people at work. Tiffany came home late one night, to a stack of handmade cards her daughter had created. 

7. YYC small businesses help community, despite closure of businesses 

The last few weeks have seen many of our loved small businesses close their doors due to COVID-19. Despite the negative impact this will have on their own businesses, many are rallying together to support the Calgary community. 

Local sock company, Friday Sock Co. have created special COVID-19 inspired socks with 100 percent of their proceeds going to Canadian Food Banks. The Crowfoot, Royal Oak and Tuscany Dominos franchises are also provided free pizza to all frontline workers and hospital staff. And Calgary Co-Op are offering free care packages to those in need. Packages contain non-perishable food items such as canned meat, pasta sauce and juice, and are delivered in the Calgary area. 

8. Calgary Flames Foundation donates $1.15 million 

The Calgary Flames Foundation announced on Saturday that they are donating $1.15 million to various Calgary organizations. From the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, to the Calgary Food Bank, to the Calgary Mustard Seed – the Flames are doing everything they can to support the local community at this time. 

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