Why snow removal is important for Calgary residents


Why snow removal is important for Calgary residents

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The winter season in Calgary can be extremely erratic. Snow storms and freezing temperatures to sunny chinook days are the norm. Snow removal in Calgary is extremely important to stay on top of. We have outlined some tips and tricks that will help you deal with snow removal in Calgary this winter. 

Keeping your sidewalk and walkways clear of ice and snow is the safest thing to do for your fellow neighbours in Calgary. Snow removal in Calgary is extremely important to ensure you don’t have any accidents or mishaps occur on your property. It is required by law and it is a City of Calgary bylaw to remove the snow on your property within 24 hours. If anyone slips or falls on your property and you have failed to remove the snow, it is your responsibility. 

Below are 4 simple, yet very important reasons why snow removal in Calgary is extremely important:

1. Promotes a healthy relationship with your Calgary neighbours!

Removing the snow on your walkway is a kind gesture that your neighbours will really appreciate. If they are going above and beyond to ensure the snow out the front of their home is cleared and you are failing to do the same, expect some serious issues to follow. We find that if you tend to your snow removal, your Calgary neighbour usually follows suit. 

Many snow removal services in Calgary offer a discount if you book with your neighbour!

2. Prevents unwanted accidents

Whether you live in SW Calgary, SE Calgary, NE Calgary or NW Calgary, your home is still a part of the greater Calgary community. It is important to take care of the people who live around you and who are visiting your neighbourhood. It is extremely essential to clear away the snow in your front paths and sidewalks for pedestrians to walk freely. It ensures there are no accidents or injuries occur directly outside your home. 

3. Avoids Lawsuits - Because no one wants to spend their time at the Calgary courthouse

Removing snow from such areas as sidewalks, front paths and driveways will avoid any injuries, which could result in a lawsuit. If someone falls or slips on your property (or directly out the front of your property), they can take legal action against you. 

If you feel as though your lifestyle and work schedule cannot keep up with the 24-hour City of Calgary bylaw, we recommend hiring a snow removal service in Calgary. 

4.Keep Burglars Away!

Leaving your walkways, sidewalks and driveways covered in snow is inviting more than slipping and walking hazards.  It signals to thieves who may be looking who is at home or who is away for the holidays. Keep your home free and clear of snow and ice.  If you are planning on going away on vacation having snow regularly cleared to make it look like someone home is always a good idea. 

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